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Jul 9, 2003
This friday there wasnt much around in pompey so me and the g/f go to brighton, what a find "Lunarcy Vz junglizm" at the volkz on the sea front, admittadly not the largest venue, and the temp was less than desirable a bit later when in all got going, But The tuness rolled out keeping jump-up + jungle+ ragga jungle hand in hand in hand all night. only residents on rotation tonight but they kept the crowd more than happy.
early on in the evening downstairs was spilling out dancehall and hiphop ( how was plus one the other evening? i had to belt it early unfortuanatly about half hour into the set! what a cunt ehy?) till the jungle started downthere aswell at about 11.30.
Fucking wikkid vibe inside the place loads dnb heads, loads of junglistic females for all you non-takens, and no attitude either.
we had an amazing time and found a wikked record shop thats just opened run by the same ppl who put on the night the next day, really helpfull staff and good selection of tunes, its called ininite and its just down from off track records on the north laines youll be able to find it if you look.
lets keep the jungle massive


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Feb 15, 2002
V Matt said:
Yeah, the Volks is a bit of a grimey venue but always a good atmosphere :slayer:

its a veritable sweat pit full of 14 year old gurning girls...


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