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    Our Show Details:

    Junglistic Sistaz Radio @ Bassdrive:

    March 1st, 2005:

    set 1 : Anakonda (UK)
    set 2 : Shroombab (HighTension/Trickdisc/AT)

    12 AM - 2 PM CST (Central Time US)
    07 PM - 9 PM CET (Central Time Europe)
    06 PM - 8 PM GMT (UK)

    at: http://www.bassdrive.com

    OUR SHOW is taking place every 1st tuesday per month! Check out http://www.junglistic-sistaz.com/radio.htm for the regular guest djs!

    THIS MONTH it is the first time that i am moderating the show Smile So you hear me talk , hehe.... I''m also going to be in the chatroom again...

    From Anakonda you can expect some nice liquid funk. From myself some more ravier and darker tunage. Playlists will be posted afterwards! We both include some of our own tunage as well...

    "See Ya on Tuesday!"