Junglist T-shirts!


Junglist Souljah

I can't mix, can't produce, and probably shouldn't MC but I can can design! So I have designed a bunch of Junglist T-shirts that I want to get printed so I have setup a project page to raise enough money to get my first design printed, this is the first design that will get printed:

I'm going to get the designs printed on organic cotton tees that are made sweatshop free. The design will be available in mens and womens styles. They are made in Australia but I'll ship them world wide.

Here are some of my other Junglist T-shirt designs:

Here's a preview of something unfinished that i'm working on:

If you like the designs and want to see them get printed then hitup my project page and donate!

If you want something for free then checkout these wallpapers/desktop backgrounds:

They are a bit big (1920x1200) so feel free to resize them, or you can request a custom size and I'll resize it for you. Just don't claim them as your own.

you can get em here and here.

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