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Recin - jungletrain.net promo mix may 2011

Hello! I’m Tomas “Recin” from Vilnius, Lithuania. Before I started listening to electronic music, I was interested in music such as: metal, death metal, trash metal and punk. I was been blown away by electronic music when I heard two albums of the Prodigy: "The Fat of the Land" and "Castbreeder", when they were still on cassettes. I could name “Aluminum Jazz” as my favorite song. Diving further into electronic music, I discovered drum and bass, which snare drums and heavy bass lines was something new to me. It fascinated me.

My first try as a DJ was in 2005 with two pioneer cdj100, but I hadn‘t played with it a lot, when I decided to switch it to vinyl. The very first releases were SDR12023 and DSCI4 009 and those are my favorite until present. While DJing, I found some friends and we decided to launch a promotion and DJing project called “Anamorphic Vision” in the summer of 2008.
I found jungletrain.net in 2009 through the screamer radio program and in late 2010 I joined the community. Now I am playing for it twice a month, where you can hear me with various sounds of drum and bass.

This promo mix is full of amen breaks with shifting temper and moods. There are many songs from oldies to brand new ones. You will hear some mash up shifts from drumfunk to jungle and experimental sounds.
I would like to thank jungletrain.net crew for a great chance to play worldwide. Keep on going, JT!

Listen to Recin LIVE on jungletrain.net: bi-weekly (odd weeks) tuesdays, 16:30 - 18.00 (CEST)

email: recin@jungletrain.net
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/recin
Mixcloud : www.mixcloud.com/recin
Myspace : www.myspace.com/recin39




01.Sumone - Oblivion - Planet Mu [ZIQ204, 2009]
02.Acid Lab - Unleash The Dragon - Syncopathic [SYNCO023, 2009]
03.Teebee - Unknown Approach - Certificate 18 [CERT1840, 2000]
04.Sonar Circle - Forgone Conclusion - Reinforced [RIVET107, 1996]
05.Dissident - Oneiroid Psychosis - SC:Digital [SC:DIGITAL005, 2005]
06.Macc - Spooked - SC:Digital [SC:DIGITAL004, 2005]
07.Fanu - All Happens In Cycles - [White Label]
08.Andy Skopes - Replicant - Uncertified Music [UNCERT001, 2009]
09.Breakage - U Don't Know - Reinforced [RIVET193, 2002]
10.Equinox - Do You Understand Me? - Planet Mu [ZIQ134, 2006]
11.K - Trackspill - Thermal [THE011, 2000]
12.Double O - Genesis To Revalation [Free]
13.Bizzy B - 2099 Dub - Planet Mu [ZIQ137, 2006]
14.Mantra - N.O.L.A [Free MP3]
15.Nolige - Cold One - Scientific Wax [SWCD001, 2008]
16.Macc - No Turning Back - Outsider [OUTSIDER016, 2007]
17.Ibunshi - Technocyte [Free MP3]


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The jungletrain.net promomix series has been published monthly since December 2004. Each mix showcases a different jungletrain.net DJ, offering a taste of his/her show on jungletrain.net. Starting in October 2009 the promomix series began to also feature an occasional special edition "engineers" mix, featuring dubplates and unreleased tracks from jungletrain.net producers and affiliated labels. To download previous promomixes, visit the promomix archive.

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