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May 30, 2006
Noble - jungletrain.net promomix may 2009

Noble started his musical career in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His first experience with drum & bass music took place at Helter Skelter in Milton Keynes '98, where he saw Kenny Ken playing a blinding set, which took off the roof. After taking note of what other DJs were doing behind the decks back in Holland, Noble started having a go at things at the age of 18.

Since that day he has played alongside many national and international DJs and MCs, including: Furney, Ed Rush, Zinc, Grooverider, Krust, DJ Die, Lenzman, Scarr, Silvahfonk, Denny D, Keira, AdiJ, Noisia, Yorobi, Harsh & Pamb, Dreazz, Pressure, MC Dart, MC Dapper, Utreg Massive, and many more.

Noble joined jungletrain.net in March 2008. His shows have been known to be rolling and soulful, but he has always played across the board, including 2 oldskool sets, since joining the jungletrain.net forces. "I always try to keep the standard high, musically." Noble says. "Combining the music I have loved ever since I travelled to London as a kid."

This mix combines the vibe he maintains throughout his shows bi-weekly, as well as incorporating the sounds of yesterday. "Some tunes just stay fresh, no matter how old they are." "I've tried to really push it this time, sporting the sounds that I love, and just trying to keep it interesting for those listening, including taking some risks here & there." "I hope I succeeded in doing just that!"

Listen to Noble LIVE bi-weekly (odd weeks) on jungletrain.net: Mondays, 17:30 - 19:00 (CET)


01. Icicle & Spectrasoul - Wounded - Shogun Limited [SGNLTD010, 2008]
02. Alix Perez - I'm Free - Shogun Audio [SHA024, 2009]
03. Break - All Around - Symmetry [SYMMLP001, 2008]
04. Atlantic Connection - Situations (Zero T Remix) - Dispatch [DIS030, 2009]
05. Spectrasoul - Alibi - Critical [CRIT033, 2008]
06. DBridge & Calibre - Ponderosa - Exit [EXITLP002, 2008]
07. Resound - Carbon Soul - Horizons [HZN032, 2009]
08. Verse - Primal - Crunch [CRUNCH009, 2008]
09. Spectrasoul - Organiser - Critical [CRIT038, 2009]
10. Marcus Intalex & St. Files - Balderdash - React - [REACTLP201, 2001]
11. June Miller - Converge - Forthcoming Horizons [dubplate]
12. Subwave - Think - Shogun Audio [SHA021, 2008]
13. Mutt - Off The Cuff - Inside [INSIDE007, 2009]
14. Break - Jungle Step - Symmetry [SYMMLP, 2008]
15. Logistics - Jungle Music - Hospital [NHS149, 2009]
16. Calibre - Roundhouse - Signature [SIG013, 2008]
17. June Miller - Soya Sushi - Forthcoming InnerActive [dubplate]
18. Marcus Intalex - Cabin Fever - Soul:R [SOUL:R034, 2008]
19. C.A.B.L.E. - New Infection - Innerground [INN022EP1, 2007]
20. Loxy & Isotone - Ancients - Cylon [CYLONUK004, 2009]
21. Sabre - Riverside (Zero T Remix) - Lucky Devil [LUCKYDEVIL5, 2008]
22. Vicious Circle - Havana - Digital Soundboy [SBOY 021, 2009]
23. Marcus Intalex & St. Files - Love & Happiness - 31 Records [31R014, 2001]


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The jungletrain.net promomix series has been published monthly since December 2004. Each mix showcases a different jungletrain.net DJ, offering a taste of his/her show on jungletrain.net. To download previous promomixes, visit the promomix archive.

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