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May 30, 2006
Josh-Hill - jungletrain.net promomix june 2009

Time flies when you're having fun.

It's been 7.5 years since I started the drum & bass internet radio that became jungletrain.net. Back then, drum & bass was probably at its peak in uniformity, with most tracks being two-step and/or amen based. In the years that followed, drum & bass has kept reinventing itself and has become more diverse than ever. New styles developed when unknown artists entered the scene with fresh ideas. Especially the last couple of years we've seen some very exciting changes in the drum & bass musical landscape.

In these same 7.5 years, my own taste has shifted from the hard, dark, raw to the moody, mystical, subtle. There is a lot of great talent out there bringing this sound in different ways. This mix gives a small taste of what keeps me excited about drum & bass music today. I hope you will enjoy it.

Shouts to all listeners, DJs and crew at jungletrain.net. Much respect to the producers keeping drum & bass alive and kicking.

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01. Fanu - When Both Worlds Collide [free download, 2009]
02. Amplicon - Circulations - Break-Fast Audio [dubplate]
03. Fushara - Concept [free download, 2008]
04. Fractional - Constant Function - Counter Intelligence [CILP001, 2008]
05. Data - Blowpipe - Lucky Devil [LUCKYDEVIL5, 2008]
06. Saburuko - Latency - Horizons [HZN018, 2007]
07. Shapeshifter - The Ride - Truetone [TONELP002, 2006]
08. Cyberworm - Be Water - Opposide [OPPCD001, 2007]
09. [NSF] Sativa - Untitled - sYncoPathic [SYNCO004, 2007]
10. Sumone - Sad Spirit's Meditation - Planet Mu [ZIQ204, 2009]
11. Bop - Skeptikos - Kos.Mos.Music [KOSMOS002, 2008]
12. Alaska & Nucleus - Araicata - Arctic Music [AM005, 2009]
13. Commix - Bear Music - Hospital [NHS144, 2008]
14. Escher - Minimal Bounce - Deep Soul Music [DSM008, 2008]
15. Martsman - Klikoucha - Offshore [OSR021, 2008]
16. Kosine - Pure Shot A Lick - Originate [OREP001, 2009]
17. Solar - Step Two - Outsider [OUTSIDER021, 2009]
18. Fada - Direct From The Source - Materializm [XIZM005, 2008]
19. TVG Hates TVG - Rusted Instruments (Fracture Remix) - Pinecone Moonshine [PCSM006A, 2009]
20. Antidote - The Mantra [free download, 2009]
21. [sub] - The King (Cycom Remix) - Misspent Music [MISSPENT011, 2009]
22. Nebula - Chords Of Sorrow - Subtle Audio [SUBTLE012, 2008]


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