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May 30, 2006
DJ Rail - jungletrain.net promomix december 2010

We're proud to announce this is the 6th year anniversary of our promomix series. We would like to thank everyone involved for all those years. It goes without saying that we aim for another 6 great years.

Now give it up for our december 2010 mixmaster DJ Rail

Rail got his name from graffiting back in 2001 when he was a young teenager, now at 22 Rail aka James has kept his name and used it for his music. He first starting DJing out in 2005 in East London and has since gone on to grace such venues as Ministry of Sound (London) , East village and festivals such as Glastonbury and Shambala.
Recieving support from ATG and URBAN NERDS, 2011 looks to be a good year for Rail as his production is coming along to add another string to his bow. Look out for this guy at a venue near you soon.

Listen to DJ Rail LIVE on jungletrain.net: weekly, Saturdays, 18:00 - 20:00 (CET)

email: rail@jungletrain.net
soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/rail




1. Noisia & Phace - Stagger - Neosignal [NSNGL006, 2010]
2. Alix perez - Menacing Ways - Shogun Audio [SHA037, 2010]
3. Cause 4 Concern- Hammer House - C4C Recordings [C4CDIGUK004, 2010]
4. Sigma - The Jungle - Breakbeat Kaos [BBK036, 2010]
5. Logistics - Weezer - Hospital [NHS178DD, 2010]
6. Bcee - Generations (S.P.Y mix) - Future Retro [RETRO010DG, 2009]
7. Logistics - Colour Wheel (Friction & Ktee VIP) - Hospital [NHS178DD, 2010]
8. Calibre - All You Got - Signature [SIGCD006, 2010]
9. Logistics - Alive - Hospital [NHS178DD, 2010]
10.B-Complex with Diane Charlemagne - Rolling With Punches - Spearhead Records [SPEAR035, 2010]
11.Noisia & Spor - Falling through - Vision [VSN009, 2010]
12. Die & Break - Slow Down - Symmetry [SYMMLP002, 2010]
13. Mutated Forms - Doubts - Grid [GRIDUK040DD, 2010]
14. Calibre - Steptoe - Signature [SIG016, 2010]
15. Excision & Subvert - Darkness (dub)
16. Loxy and Resound - Oblivion - Renegade Hardware [HWARELP04CD, 2010]
17. Calibre - Acid Hands - Signature [SIGCD006, 2010]
18. Cold Fusion & Stealth - Retaliation - Renegade Hardware [HWARELP04CD, 2010]
19. Logistics - Krusty Bass Rinser - Hospital [NHS178DD, 2010]
20. Loadstar - Link to the Past - RAM [RAMM86, 2010]
21. Phace & Misanthrop - Desert Orgy - Neosignal [NSNGL006, 2010]
> Tyke - Rub A Dub
> Joe Syntax- Slingshot
22. Dj Rail - Bulletproof [DUB]
23. Dj Rail - Recieving Chase [DUB]


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The jungletrain.net promomix series has been published monthly since December 2004. Each mix showcases a different jungletrain.net DJ, offering a taste of his/her show on jungletrain.net. Starting in October 2009 the promomix series began to also feature an occasional special edition "engineers" mix, featuring dubplates and unreleased tracks from jungletrain.net producers and affiliated labels. To download previous promomixes, visit the promomix archive.

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