Jungletrain.net goes 128k! - DJ marathon from Oct 19-21

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    This is a press release to shed some light on the changes jungletrain.net recently went through. In this release you can read about:

    1. Introduction to jungletrain.net
    2. History
    3. jungletrain.net right now
    4. The next generation
    5. DJ Marathon

    1. Introduction to jungletrain.net
    jungletrain.net is a drum & bass / jungle internet radio station. Since its inception, it has hosted a variety of shows from around the world that showcase many styles and sub-genres. The focus has moved towards the deeper, more intelligent and "subverted" sounds of drum & bass, which we feel is under-represented in our culture. In that same light, the station is underground in nature, being run completely by a volunteer crew, supported by volunteer DJs, and financed by donations. Despite this "grassroots" approach, the station maintains a highly professional atmosphere with an attitude geared towards channeling the passion for drum & bass into an energetic and productive community that everyone has enjoyed for over five years.

    2. History
    Josh-Hill originally set up the station as a method for allowing others to listen to practice sessions by the infamous DJ WoodroW in December 2001. A short time afterwards, with the station rapidly growing in popularity, additional talents such as DJ Crucial Carl, Zigmund Void, GroundKontrol and Hungry Tiger (now Nekura) became interested in the 'Jungle Train' and started their own shows. From that point forward, the station developed into a more established platform for radio broadcasts. Arnie (DJ Arnicus) joined forces with Josh-Hill and with his assistance the name "jungletrain.net" was born in August 2002.

    3. jungletrain.net right now
    jungletrain.net has since developed into a fully-functional website with a variety of features for listeners and DJs alike. The jungletrain.net forum is active with discussions of all types, the IRC chatroom is a well-moderated resource used to communicate with DJs and other listeners, and the home page lists an up-to-date show schedule, upcoming drum & bass events and DJ and listener top 10s. Behind the scenes, jungletrain.net is supported by a series of dedicated servers and relays that allow hundreds of listeners to tune in and listen to the highest quality drum and bass around the world.

    At the foundation of the station are the more than 100 DJs from different corners of the globe that host the 40+ shows played weekly on jungletrain.net, bringing the station to over 100 live programming hours per week! This lineup is backed by jungletrain.net's strong DJ community as well as the diversity that is heard via constantly evolving styles and guest DJs.

    In the past, this has included guest appearances by renowned DJs such as Macc, Alpha Omega, Breakage, Nucleus, Paradox, Seba, Trax, Eye-D & DJ Hidden, AK1200 and Serum and weekly shows by DJs like Fanu and Capital J. Some of this talent (and many more) could be heard during jungletrain.net's broadcasts of the bimonthly Subversive Renaissance events in Amsterdam. Currently Deadly P of Load Media, Double O & Mantra, 0=0 and Equinox all have weekly or biweekly shows on the station.

    This ever-growing list of DJs, combined with the relationship with the Subvert Central community since 2004 and jungletrain.net's site functionality, has led the station to steadily gain reputation in the drum & bass internet radio community.

    4. The next generation
    Until recently, jungletrain.net was broadcasting in 64kbps mono audio for various reasons. However, increasing bandwidth of broadband internet and listener demands made clear that an upgrade of the audio quality could not be held off any longer. With that in mind, a new streaming system was developed by the jungletrain.net crew which was ready for launch by the end of September 2007.

    On September 28th 2007 jungletrain.net launched its new broadcast system called 'Tunami' and switched to a 128kbps stereo audio stream. This new broadcast system includes a lot of features to make the life of the DJ easier, transitions smoother and allows for a host of new features to be implemented in the years to come. Most importantly, the system was written with audio quality in mind, allowing jungletrain.net to continue bringing high quality shows.

    Together with the launch of Tunami, a new logo and style was introduced to support the new streaming system. If you have been using or want to use the new logo in a flyer, please go to http://jungletrain.net/linkus/ and make sure you let us know! On this page you will also find an updated banner and link button.

    With the launch of Tunami, jungletrain.net hopes to re-establish its foothold in the streaming community and continue living up to its reputation.

    5. DJ Marathon
    jungletrain.net proudly presents Infinite Tracks - a non-stop jungletrain around the world!
    In the weekend of October 19th - October 21th we have lined up over 65 hours of NON-STOP LIVE shows to celebrate the fact that we have launched our new streaming system Tunami and made the long awaited switch to a 128kbps stereo audio stream.

    During this DJ marathon there are 30 shows lined up with DJs from 11 different countries and 11 different timezones, many of them inviting guests to their shows to make this marathon even more special. Alltogether there will be more than 50 DJs performing.

    To mention a few of the shows performed by jungletrain.net DJs during the marathon: Rabid (NZ), WoZ (AU), Juxtapose (RU), Docius (FI), Tripnotix (DE), Dosis Decibel (NL), Nasty Trickz (BE), Equinox (UK), Avontz (BR), 0=0 (CA), Dirtbox Radio (MD US), BelowCLevel (LA US), Aztek & Darkstar (AZ US) and San Diego Shakedown (CA US).

    To see the exact schedule in your own timezone check http://jungletrain.net/shows/

    Make sure you tune in starting Friday the 19th! Load http://jungletrain.net/128kbps.m3u into your favorite media player to tune in.

    We also have a chatroom where all our DJs will be present during their shows and we hope you will drop by to say hi! Go to http://jungletrain.net/chat/ for the chat. Lastly, see http://jungletrain.net/forum/ for the show announcements and mixes posted by our DJs.