Jungletrain LIVE Event Broadcast this Friday! - Technicality Live from London!

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    On Friday 26th August 2011 jungletrain.net present it's next LIVE event broadcast.

    This time the train stops in East London to stream the much anticipated Technicality All Nighter live from The Rhythm Factory, London, E1. This event will be streamed live on the station on with the broadcast commencing at 22:00 (BST) and rolling out until 06:00.

    Tune in to the live stream here
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    Technicality goes from Strength to strength with another stellar line up of DJ's and Live performers that continue to keep this now legendary night to it's high standards.

    The Technicality Room - Future Jungle, Drum & Bass, Oldschool, Drumfunk, Abstract beats and breaks

    Seba [Secret Operations, Metalheadz]
    Crystl [Lucky Spin] b2b Script [Footprints]
    Outrage [Temah]
    Antidote (Live)[Inperspective, Outsider]
    dgoHn (Live) [Inperspective, Subtle Audio, Reflex]
    Senses b2b Chris Inperspective [Inperspective / Technicality]
    Missree [Jungletrain.net]

    Hosted by MC Blackeye and MC Goldenchild

    Seba [Secret Operations, Metalheadz]
    Heís been a regular guest at Technicality since the early, grey beard days at Herbal and has never failed to disappoint the Technicality crowds. His solo work has always been the technicality residents boxes and he is now one of Europe's premier artists. It's great to have him back once again and you know heíll continue to come with the goods. (Fingers crossed he'll do a Car Crash VIP for it)


    Crystl [Lucky Spin] b2b Script [Footprints]
    Fact: There is nothing better than hearing Warp Drive....end of fact. The Legendary DJ Crystl makes a triumphant return to the decks for an eagerly awaited debut appearance alongside one of the most talented, hard working and musically cultured DJ's, Script. This will be a most entertaining period in Technicality history.


    Outrage [Temah]
    D&B's answer to the Mitchell brothers... both of them! Outrage has cut a hard edge wave of approval amongst beat lovers worldwide. Have to be honest and say that this set is well overdue as Outrage has been supporting us for years, but like all good things this set will be worth waiting for, another Technicality debut. YAGGA!!!


    Antidote (Live) [Inperspective, Outsider]
    ìAntidote strives to present his own signature sound within the musicî as his bio states, never has a truer word been spoken, for he IS the antidote for stale, boring beats that's for sure!! With releases on Paradox's seminal label Outsider, and a blistering forthcoming release on Inperspective, 2011 and beyond will be the age of Antidote.


    dgoHn (Live) [Inperspective, Subtle Audio, Reflex]
    'Outer-worldly beats' and 'fucking cold atmospheres' are the phrases that springs to mind when thinking of this extremely talented artist. He is an incredibly nice guy and along with the Mighty Macc, has had releases on Rephlex, Inperspective, Subtle Audio, Mindrush and Transmute. This will be a live set of the highest order.


    Senses b2b Chris Inperspective [Inperspective / Technicality]
    Chris is getting too old for this shit! Senses is tall and (stupidly) loves Arsenal! Expect beats! That's it!

    Missree [Jungletrain.net]
    'Fuck that! I don't want to go on after her' - (Actual Quote from Chris Inperspective)

    We are so proud to be presenting this DJ, Hailing from Melbourne, she won't be known to many right now but her talent behind the decks is limitless. Missree crafts amazing sets of Drumfunk and D&B, Jungle and Minimal D&B like no other. You can catch her show on jungletrain.net, make sure you do. If you like beats you'll LOVE her!

    Hosts Blackeye and Goldenchild
    You know them, we love them and having established themselves since the inception of Technicality waaaay back in the early days of Herbal, they have become a vocal force that is unsurpassed on the scene today. Technicality wouldnít be Technicality without them to be honest!