Jungleraver.com vs New Nation Pt 2

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    Jungleravers.com vs New Nation Part 2

    @ Battle of the MC's - 2nd April 2005

    after jungleravers.com won the last clash at the battle of the mc's new nation have offered us out again! so if you wana see jungleravers.com's 'ill bahaviour squadren' whoop up the new nation boys for a second time (video evidence online soon), come check our arena at the next Battle!

    line up

    Arena 2: NEW NATION Vs JUNGLERAVERS.COM ‘The Re-match’

    (New nation dj vs jungleravers.com dj - new nation mcvs jungleavers.com mc)

    Kurupt vs Mpire - SILO vs K-EYE
    DJ NV vs Damaja - REMINO vs DIABLO
    Phaze vs Pressure - SUMBINO vs KRAFT
    Subterra vs Stealthy - MASTER X vs G-POWER
    Tomi Kain vs SLB - RHYMES vs REMINO
    Ray Rampage vs Ragga - SHINOBI vs FLEXIMUS

    Arena 1 The Battle Arena

    MAMPI SWIFT (charge recordings)
    PENDULUM (Breakbeat kaos)
    TWISTED INDIVIDUAL (Grid recordings)
    HAZARD (Ganja recordings)
    DARREN J (urban)
    FLUID (C.E.O New nation)
    REKLESS (Battle resident)
    DAZZLER Vs NUBORN (Battle and Drumatics resident go Head to Head)

    EKSMAN – GQ – FOXY (New Breed / Emcee recs)
    FATMAN D – NAVIGATOR (New Breed / Full Cycle)
    RAGGA TWINS – RIDDLA (Kool FM / Fully Loaded)
    TRIGGA – SHAYDEE (Shadow Demon)
    JUICEMAN – FIVE ALIVE – FUN(Shadow Demon / Warning / Uncontrollables) FEVER – DAPPER – KASHA (AFTERSHOCK CRU / Netherlands / New Breed) NOMICAL – CD – SKORE (Decksterity / LBG / Drumatics)

    for ticket click here http://www.jungleravers.com/cat--Rave-Tickets--tickets.html
    for more info click here http://www.jungleravers.com/events/battle-of-the-mcs/april-2005.htm