jungle warfare refill


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Mar 24, 2002
Halfway between the gutter and stars
anyone gotten their durrty hands on this pack? i hear strange things about it as in it's been sampled by some biggggg names.

if someone has it and wants to discuss *khrm*... "exchanging", i would be glad to give out my email....almost 2 GB of mostly quality samples coming to a p2p near you... :beers:
Yo I got JUNGLE WARFARE 1,2,&3 and they are all kinda weak, I mean theres a couple of good breaks in there but most of its shit, honestly you would be better off makin your breaks from scratch and as far as their fx and basslins in it, its just an absolute disapointment, I was just lucky enough to get them for free due to the fact that my frind works for big fish audio. But to each his own, that could just be my opinion and maybe you'll dig it..
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