DnB Jungle Technology album OUT NOW


Apr 13, 2020
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STREAM / BUY (https://fanlink.to/hSaj)

A journey through tropical beaches and palm trees, aqua currents, technology, cyber networks, danger, vigilance and concrete, and all of this operated with smoothness. 'Jungle Technology' is an album which has alongside breakbeats and bass, rooted oldskool hardcore and Detroit techno melodies/chords.

Effort has been seen for album's entity, so this is not just a compilation of good tracks. There's story (with interlude tracks) and own theme/aesthetic. The sound has original "rave-melodiousness", so this is not your typical oldskool jungle.

Alongside streaming and download, I put out good old CD-R - 30 copies limited edition. Disks are duplicated in factory, so they have beautiful label art printed. Overall I have seen much effort for cover art and booklet.
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