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Jiggery Pokery!
Proudly presenting the second release from Jungle Syndicate Digital - This time we take you on a journey from past to present; A retrospective of the sounds of Jungle and drum & bass brought together by a man making a strong mark on the scene - Scape. The Retrospect EP is a truly complimentary selection of tracks representing both the mellow and harder aspects of Jungle. The title track Retrospect hails back to the 90s with an ambient and deep vibe held together by sharp and punchy percussion. Similarly Dedication pays homage to old times, exhibiting the slower tempo and layers of percussion that epitomised Jungle throughout it's ealier years. The heavier side of the Retrospect EP comes in the form of Elements and Visitors in to the Unknown. Both tracks hold on to the deep and ambient synth work that prevails throughout the EP, but drive forwards with a hard and distorted percussion style. Summed up - The Retrospect EP is the sound of 90s Jungle brought crashing in to the present with unique drum processing and cutting edge production. For the heads new and old - One not to be missed!

Scape – Retrospect EP:

A. Retrospect
B. Elements
C. Dedication
D. Visitors into the Unknown

Mastered by Macc @ SubvertMastering

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