Jungle Production Competition Sponsored By Bizzy B and Sampleoidz

Jungle Production Competition Sponsored by Bizzy B and Sampleoidz.co.uk

Enter to Win Free Promotion for your Sound, Free Sample DVD’s, and Get Your Music Featured In Future Sampleoidz Compilations!!!!!

Download ‘Vinyl Inna Soundbwoy’ from http://www.sampleoidz.co.uk/shop/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=36
(Add in notes ‘competition entry’)

Upon Purchase, you will be automatically eligible for the grand prize and runners up prizes, which will be decided by a jury of jungle producers and an internet vote conducted on the Sampleoidz.co.uk forum respectively.
The contestant must then produce an original composition of no more than 7 minutes in length of any tempo, and that’s components derive exclusively from the contents of the sample pack (i.e. no synths or outside samples) without exception.
Anyone suspected of using an outside source in their tune will be inquired into and disqualified if any foul play is detected.

The Grand Prize consists of:

2 Sample DVDs of your choice from Samploidz.co.uk
A Banner up on Samploidz for six months promoting your sound.

The runners up will be awarded 1 free downloadable sample pack of their choice from Sampleoidz.so.uk.

Furthermore, all of the winners will be featured on the forthcoming Samploidz compilation (in the works atm).

Contestants must enter by May 10th, and will have until June 7th to submit their entry.

Please direct any inquiries to clipandcarbine@charter.net