Jungle Nation's 8th Birthday with Digital


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Jungle Nation
8th Birthday Special

Dj Digital (Metalheadz, Timeless, Function, L-Plates, Reinforced)

Digital is a producer, DJ, and label manager. Best known for his ability to rinse out the "old skool beatz" and "dubby basslines", Digital has made a career of mashing up the old with the new, forging his own futuristic soundclash vibe in the process. Drawing heavily upon the sounds of classic dub / reggae music, no other contemporary drum & bass artist can lay claim to fully exploring Jamaican sound-system culture as effectively as Digital has. More specifically, however, it was the emergence of dub music that seems to have influenced Digital's creations the most.
He has recorded on Certificate 18, Timeless, Metalheadz, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Photek Productions, Phantom Audiol, Function, L-Plates ,31 and Reinforced

plus support from
Dj Tez
Dj Davy
Mc Bass Monkey
Mc K-Rhyme
Mc Darkrider

Sat 5th February 2005
Kef, Belmont st, Aberdeen
11pm - 3am
Entry £7/£6 students/bananacard

CD and T-Shirt giveaways on the night.