Jungle, Jungle, Jungle !!!

Hi lads, here's the second track i've made with Fl studio.
Hope you enjoy it !


Oh and just a question btw, how do you manage to put the soundcloud "reading bar" in a thread, and not just the link ??
I love the pitch shifting you are doing with the amen break. Intro was a little drawn out for my taste. So far I'm digging your style, it completely takes me back to the jungle I started listening to as a kid...damn about 17 years ago :(

As for the soundcloud bar, there is a little icon in the WYSIWYG editor that is a soundcloud icon I will make the block code [ SOUNDCLOUD] with a closing [ /SOUNDCLOUD] (just remove the leading space that I put after the square bracket)


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Thank you for your comment. I still need advice as it's just the second tune i've done. So you think the intro is too long ? Maybe it lacks some bass to make it more alive no ?
I understand your point, it seems like i'm getting old too.... I've been into jungle music 12 years ago (unfortunately never seen the golden age from my own eyes... only the tapes remains). I make sounds cause I just love jungle music. It's so fresh and less aggressive compared to the nowadays dnb which sounds minimal and bassless (I mean real bass instrument of course, and not just that chainsaw sounds lookalike ! ;)

Thank you again for the listening ! Have fun !! :rslayer: