Jungle Fever - DJ Ron late 1993

I think probably every jungle junkie has this tape or heard of this mix but for me its one of the best with fluid Mcing without too much babling, that's the ragga twins job.
Hard to outdo Mc Moose and Det and Navigator at their best, but rehursed MCing is better than the improvised out of place styles that just ruin the music.

Anyway it's uploaded on Youtube with visuals that i made for it and some pictures of the flyers for the jungle fever events.
Even the Roast events at Astoria do not match the style of the early Jungle Fever events, for some reason they just had too many miss matches of MCing and tunes, after 93' 94' became to comercialised and even Jungle Mania was not underground enough.

This is not a mix I made so if in the wrong place sorry people, but it's one that should not be missed by the fans here of dance music. Some classic tunes and some tunes too hard to find even today.

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