Jungle Drum & Bass Documentaries


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I thought i would start this page because i couldn't find a definitive place to watch and download Documentary films about Jungle & Drum & Bass Music. We are an underground community and many of the old documentaries filmed in the 90's are quite hard to find and most copies floating around on the net are low quality TV or VHS rips many of which have been labeled wrong or split up into parts for youtube. It is important that we collect and preserve these original documentary films because it is the heritage of our underground scene if these uploads and clips were to be deleted off the internet some of these films could be lost forever. Thats why i have compiled a list in chronological order of every single Jungle Drum & Bass Documentary i could find that was relevant to the history of this music. You can watch and stream these films or alternatively download them for your own personal collection, if anyone has any Documentaries that i have missed out please feel free to contact me or post a link to it and i will add it to this list. So please spread the word and share this page so that everyone can have access to these Documentaries!