jungle bells vol 2

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Feb 12, 2003
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DJ Cob - Jungle Bells Vol 2

This was recorded last night live on jungletrain.net and is a fairly battering 90 minutes of some new and old dnb. Dropped a few classics nearer the end so download enjoy and pass on. It's 90 minutes long (cd unfriendly im afraid) and 160kbs. Lemme know what you think.

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1.Loxy & Ink - Angel Remix (Razor's Edge)
2.Spirit - Solitaire (Metalheadz)
3.Technical Itch - The Green (Penetration)
4.Lutin & K-Fra - Octopus (XXX)
5.Skynet - Choke (Skynet)
6.M-Code - Cybernetik (Sinuous)
7.Dieselboy & Kaos - Submission (Human)
8.Karl K, Kaos & Jae Kennedy - Studio 54 (Human)
9.Marky & XRS - Get Down (CIA)
10.Karl K, Kaos & Jae Kennedy - Moonraker (Human)
11.Gridlok - Heatwave (Violence)
12.Bad Company - Street Walker (BC)
13.Spirit - Sinister Remix (Razor's Edge)
14.Facs & B-key - Immeasurable Minds (Biotic)
15.Facs & Scythe - Mindsplinter (XXX)
16.Sta & Paul B - U & Me (Step 2 Zero)
17.Dieselboy & Kaos - Barrier Break (Human)
>>>Tipper - Champion Sound Remix (CIA)
18.Raiden - Pitbull Attack (Barcode)
19.John B - Blandwagon Poos (White)
20.Adam F - Original Jungle Sound (Switch Remix) (Breakbeat Punk)
21.Capone - Fusion (Hard Leaders)
22.Dom & Roland - Terrorist Remix (Moving Shadow)
23.Ram Trilogy - Titan (Ram)
24.Trace & Optical - Sonar VIP (Prototype)
25.Impulse & Submerged - Corrupt Souls (Subtitles)
Cheers for this Sweet Mix... Wil problably take me 13 hours to download but it looks like it will be worth the wait...

BigUp all the Dj's & Producers who post these free mixes...
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