June Miller are pulling the plug?!

I smell a 2018 "Comeback tour" in the pipeline already

Posts like that always make me laugh though its like they are waiting for the entire DNB universe to run along and start screaming at them to stay - Long story short you want to go off and do something else then off you go then no need to start making long winded social media posts about it just crack on with your life as the DNB scene certainly aint gonna grind to a halt cos you are not around to tell everyone Bad company tried to gang bang your missus
Haha Vapor got in before everyone

Another average social media lovin d&b producer continues the cycle of shit
They were great producers, they've probably just realised what an over-saturated shit state neuro/ tech dnb has become in recent years. They've had some bangers over the years
Hahaha this is so oooobviously a post-boosting trick. Completely agree with the 2018 'surprise' 'come-back'.
Look at Fabric (even if it wasn't on purpose), the whole world had to hear about it whereas half those people hadn't known about its existence before. Now Fabric is one of the most famous clubs in the world.
I bet they had the idea from it
Nah they are probably done. Only so much time you can spend having to sit in a studio cranking out music that fits in with Ram, must take its toll on your mental health.

Fair play to them for quitting while they are ahead, I hope they find happiness in whatever it is they decide to do next.
as the DNB scene certainly aint gonna grind to a halt cos you are not around to tell everyone Bad company tried to gang bang your missus


Walls of Jericho/Snapcase - still one of my favourite records even though its a 10"
The Killing Tree - right up there for me for favourite free downloads.

Good luck to them whatever they decide to do in the future.
Still all about Brave Man for me personally. But everything they've done with Horizons was sick, too. They've definitely been one of the most influential producers around in the last few years, no one can deny their sample packs dominated the scene. Fair play to them calling it quits while being on top of their game, I for one surely wish there's some music coming out from them in the future, even though not under the June Miller banner anymore.
Never heard about that girl but..you surely can't have a butt plug in for too long without feeling a bit awkward.

Okay, maybe it's a bit of a stretch.
Meh I suppose posting on social media gives them a kinda closure. Helps draw a line under it, but I can see it could also be a look at us thing.

Anyway, didn't do anything ever as good as give up the ghost or snapcase after about 2013. Good luck to em
Spoke to Mark a few times (mostly about the release of unsigned tunes) and he seemed like a really nice guy, the guys seemed very down to earth as theres always strong elitism in drum & bass. So yeah, they will be missed, regardless of their recent output which is not to my taste they had the ability to make some gorgeous music. Half Top Feelings is still one of the best tracks within the dnb genre imo.
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