Jump-Uppers Mix (Jan 09')


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Feb 10, 2009
Some new jump up I threw together last month. I'm noobish and this is the 1st mix I've posted on here. Come check it out/dwnld it on musicv2.com. Let me know what's good, just getting started on recording. Any suggestions and feedback would be awesome.


Killa Hurt-Colligula
Taxman & Heist-Equinox
Dub Peddla-Special Delivery
The Qemists-Dem Na Like Me VIP
Brookes Brothers-Tear You Down
The Force-Another World
Majistrate -Destruction
Vital Elements-Make It Sound Analogue
Bassface Sascha-International Sound
Heavy Hittahz-Superfly
Dope Ammo-Roots & Future (Nicol & Majistrate remix)
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Nasty mix! Only complaint would be it is way too short. Transitions sounded clean and the tracks flowed pretty well from one to the next. Good energy mix! Nicely done Dodger!

Thank you sir! May I have another?!?
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