Jump up youtube channel is back!


Jan 27, 2009
suuup ,
My last youtube account 'rakkentak' got banned due to copyrights and shit...very sad indeed lol.. :mad: Will try to avoid it this time :-/
But i've got great news for the ones who followed my channel.. I made a new one!!! :O :D
So I'll try to satisfy y'all back again. For those who haven't heard of my channel yet, click on the link below and see for yourself if you like it or not.
I upload mostly (the freshest) jump up from the likes of guv, majistrate, macky g, jayline, dubzero, dubmotion, etc... And also sometimes dark/neuro/darkstep. Depends in what mood I am. So you're all invited to take a look and suscribe if you like :) Will upload tunes/videos from today.
So hope you enjoy :)

This should have gone in tune id's, every track is a snippet from a mix or a live set and you asking for an ID :/.

Not impressed. I subbed the second i clicked the youtube link, unsubbing now though. Wtf is this shit?
no not really interested tbh
dont like the idea of subscribing unless they are going to up vids that i will want to watch

i dont wanna be sent tracks that are just snippetss without names

think about other dnb you tub channels, what they do and how you can improve on it and why they are popular
i dont see much point in subscribing to your channel and i dont see how people will stumble upon ur vids if they dont have any names. who goes on u tub and searches for "2 big tunes" they dont, they would search for an artist or track name.

think outside the box and try and come up with a niche to make ur channel different. in a good way.
Will upload soon clean clips, in case you didn't know my previous channel

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thanks! same with me lol :)

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easy way to tell me my expressions :O hater..haha :D
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