Jump up wobble mix


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This is how it goes. . . .

I started mixing aged 14 on soundlab DLP1600's which were ok for a kid starting out, by the time I was 16 I had kicked the tits out of them and they blew up on me one day. . . .

14 years later, I have invested in some 1210's which are worlds apart from the old 1600's I battered. Here is my 1st mix on them, some of the mixes are a bit shonky but be nice, it's like learning how to mix all over again and I only have a few new tunes.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the mix, any feedback is appreciated.

G-Dub – Forever (Original Sin VIP)
Dj Vengeance – Cyber seduction
The Prodigy – Smack my bitch up (Sub Focus remix)
Dj Vengeance – Warmachine
Shimon & Andy C – Body rock
Dj Hazard – Cola cube
Dj Vengeance – Bonesaw
G-Dub – Beast City (Original Sin VIP)
Dj Hazard – Killers don’t die
Dj Hazard – Machete
Dj Hazard – Ninja technique
Dj Hype – Only one life (Crystal clear remix)
Dj Hazard – Cowards beware


Enjoy people


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Theres alot of hazard in there lol, good thing hes one of my fave producers, its quite short aswell isnt it.
will give it a listen when i get home from work.


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Yeah, Hazard features quite a bit!
I have literally only just got my decks and this was the 1st load of records I bought (I bought a load of Industrial Hardcore aswell but I doubt anyone on here is that interested in those mixes)
I will be getting some more tunes come payday so hopefully I will find some good tunes to mix up the styles/producers a bit