DnB jump up tune out now on juno


Resident Canadian
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Jan 9, 2014
some gritty noises here for sure,
maybe use some reverb to "open up" your drop at the end of every measure, and bring it back to tight on the drop of the next 32?

Neural Tech

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"Slightly confusing drum Intro for Mixing, but could be interesting I suppose. The string riff would have been cooler with a different patch imo, something more synthetic. The plain jane Orchestral sound just sounds out of place next to all of your Techy Bass and Mid-Range noises... but the more I listen the more I see how it creates an interesting back and forth dialog. 1:28 - that extra resonance is neat. The tune is nice and loud, but imo is squashed: there is distortion at high volumes. Overall too minimal for my tastes, but I can see a lot of Mixes enjoying this as a 2-3 minute filler tune."
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