Jump Up .. Seek & Destroy - Cyndicut FM 22th Aug 08


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Nov 28, 2006
96 bit rate????

common man.. why would you do something like that?
320s please
at least VBR the set

ok i direct rip it i.e. WMR saves the data (not the sound) and this creates the mp3 i uploaded and as it is broadcast at 96kbps it saved at 96kbps, if i get the original file and re-encode it will it improve the quality?


May 21, 2007
Denver Colorado, US
might be too big but its worth the space.
Can't bump this in a car cause it will be way too fuzzy.

its the only reason im making a deal about the bit rate, if i didn't have a car i wouldn't give a shit.

YES! Finally someone agrees! haha I also give people shit about that. I have a phatty system and 96 doesn't sound too good.
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