JUMP UP MIX - 23 tunes - 40 mins

Dj Switch - Jump up mix

link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8d86ja


Clipz - Offline
>>> Ed Rush & Fierce - Alien Girl
Mampi Swift - The One
>>> Bad Company - Planet Dust
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
Xample - Lowdown
>>> Dillinja - Fluid
>>> Ram Trilogy - Titan
Dj Hazard - Selector
>>> Bad Company - The Nine
>>> Shy FX - On the Run
Lynx - Disco Dodo
>>> Mampi Swift - Hi Tek
G Dub - Tink Ya Bad
Fresh - Tombraider
>>> Johnny L - Back to your roots (Friction & K-Tee remix)
Danny Byrd - Shock Out
Taxman - Too Bad VIP
>>> Dillinja - Twist em Out
Ebony Dubs - RA!
>>> Shy FX & T power - Feelings
Dj Pleasure - Vengar
>>> TC - Game Over


any feedback appreciated! :miss_rep:
yeah its sounding quite good could be a little tighter but its still good all the tunes go with each other quite well i dunno what happened with titan but its all good nice work
Overall it's an alright mix - I will tell you what I think of it in detail. Perhaps you won't like what I have to say but being fairly experienced my advice would probably be good to take.

It's good to blurt out old tracks but not too often - people want to hear new stuff, or far less obvious stuff. Most DJ's know all your tracks. This is something you want to be careful about because people want to hear wicked stuff that they have not heard before.

Second, you try and mix far too fast. You need to slow massively down. 20 tracks in 40 minutes is a rate Andy C would be proud of. Your tracks come in massively out of sync at times, it's very painful to listen to at times. Sync them well, and then bring them in. Spend more time beatmatching.

Try and not use the filters (effects) to mix tracks. Leave that stuff to House DJ's. If you have a Xone 62 then the filters may be used to switch basslines, but never on their own. Not for DnB.

Last, make sure that you really cut the bass out of one of the tracks you're playing. You do this right most of the time, but this is really important. Having even a little bass on massive systems for two tracks will sound absolutely SHIT.

Also, to help your mixes being a little tighter and so you can hear them go out of sync slightly less, always have a little mid and high cut out on one of the tracks. I'm talking around 5 percent (depending on the tune and its mastering - Ram tunes, for example, need slightly more). I've learnt that it actually makes a massive difference.

All in all a good start. Keep working! Hope all that helps. I know I criticize it quite a lot but see that I'm only trying to help!

Here's my most recent jump up mix. Hope you enjoy it.

thanks alot for your thoughts man, most of the time you need criticism to improve! havent really had anyone to give me any advice yet so its much appreciated. will take it all in and hopefully my next mix will be a bit better. gonna give yours a listen in a minute. cheers!