Jump Up Drum & Bass Mix by Manifold

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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Yo guys, started DJing recently and I thought it was about time I shared a few of my mixes for the dnb heads. Feedback will be appreciated.

    It was just a quick 20 min mix. Heres the link to my soundcloud:


    and this is the tracklist of the mix:

    Original Sin - Don't be silly
    DJ Hazard - Machete
    DJ Hazard - Killers don't die
    Dub Alley - The Fried Piper
    Steppa & Kitcha - Charlie
    Tantrum Desire - Let's get raw
    DP & Promenade - Party People
    Original Sin - Cheater Cheater

    Enjoy and let me know what you guys think. Safffffffeeeeeeee