Drum & Bass Jump Up DNB mix 2015

Dj Jack G

New Member
Hi My name is Jack G I am a new casual DJ who really loves Drum and Bass and wants to share some of my mixes with other Drum and Bass lovers, I am new to YouTube but have decided to upload my first ever DNB mix, I would love for some fellow Drum and Bass heads to go and have a listen and see what they think just to have people listening to my mixes would make me happy knowing I can share my music and other people enjoy it.

I would really appreciate it if you do like it if you could share it, don't matter where just share it and if I get enough positive feedback I may do more mixes in the future :)

Sorry to annoy anyone with this kind of post but I just really want to share my love of the Drumz I'm sure you can understand :)

Anyway Link to my first ever YouTube 20 Jump up DNB mix below. ENJOY!!!


And Link to my Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/jack-g123