[Jump Up DnB] Madknob - Antibiotics Army

Listened to your track i will split my feedback into two sections personal opinion (you can ignore if you like) and how it sounded on a production level

My opinion

I found the vocal a bit euro pop style and didn't like it until about 2 mins in (my favourite part) the "drop" i found didnt have enough punch and there was to much going on it could sound better. Not a bad effort imo


you could have got your lvl's better on the drums and maybe added an extra layer of sub bass to support your bass sound. I often find when i create allot of movement in my synth patch i eq out the lows and add a simple bass line to sit beneath it . there is allot going on in the mid range i think yo need to sit and listen to the lvl's of each of your sounds and play about a bit until it sounds fatter.

Overall good attempt and certainly plenty of potential :)
The bass is good, i dont care too much for the vocals and the drums got really repetitive so try mixing them up and add in some changes there. i like the build ups and the hits. Maybe consider changes the vocal a little. Good stuff.