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Mar 28, 2009

I am a new Reason 4 user and trying to make my 1st tune and there is a sound I am after.. i guess its a kind of a wabble?! anyways, I have googled and googled and yes I have found wobbles.. and lots of other types of bass but not the exact sound I am after.

I got a link to a youtube vid with an old D&B jump up tune with the sound im after!


> 47 secs is the sound im after to make sure we are onto the right thing.

If anyone can help with anything! a name for this sound? a patch? anything.. thanks in advance
wabble lol.

cant watch vids atm but all you really need to do is assign the LFO to the cutoff filter adjust it and use whatever speed u like.
hmm im not totally sure but i think if u get a nice distorted bass noise and make a envolope filter and make a track for the frequency and draw it with notes. use some resonance aswell and it might get that kind of noise...

anybody else help coz im not sure really ?
you can use the mclass equalizer on the bass, and if you turn the gain all the way up on the Param 1 (39hz-20khz), and mess with the freq nob, you can change up the sound of a dirty bass sample...you can even right click on the freq nob, edit automation, and draw it to change up to make different sounds, etc..just some other things to toy with on there...
i dont think theres anything wrong with someone new to producing wanting to know how you make particular bass noise...

u cant slate him for not innovating drum and bass when he made his first tune in reason..
get over it!
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Yeah man. Not everyone has to change the world, we can leave that to Sam the 'DNB' man. (pretty original by the way)
When I learnt guitar years ago I didn't want to copy anyone, I wanted to make my own riffs blah, blah. Well to be honest I'm pretty shite on guitar, bad technique and all. So go for it, try and copy any sound you like, get it as good as you can, tweak it etc. You'll learn a lot about your gear and how to shape your sound for sure.
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