JukeMaluke - The Blue Pill

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    Came up with the basis of another track today. Trying to get a good Bassline. Would love to hear feedback on what people think, what things I could look at to improve the Bass if needed. Did I get the EQ close to being right to fit in the different parts ok? Really got the bug for learning this stuff, and any help much appreciated, and will be returned on any projects you have going.

    This is a bit of a Dark Roller I think. I came up with some Sub Bass through the instrument rack, added another Sample Driven Instrument to put in some more Bass in a higher register. Drums are the sum of 3 Kits in Ableton, and there is some lighter synths for the Harmonies.

    Hope its not too bad :)

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    Well it is a start to learing how to make a bass. Try some differs notation and effects to make a bass. The most basic bass in drum and bass could arguably be the reese. It is just at least two saw waves detune. Try that and experiment.