JuJu "Tribal War / Magia Negra" (BBS 011)


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Mar 4, 2002
Heres a fresh batch of reviews for you lot.

First up its a surprise from JuJu. I say its a surprise because this one really blew me away. Now I've bought JuJu's records in the past however they usually always have boring 2-step beats with cool sounds. I'm all for cool sounds however boring 2-step beats is just not my cup of tea.

JuJu "Tribal War / Magia Negra" (Breakbeat Science 011)

The choooon on here is "Tribal War". This tune just screams 1992 Basement Records, its such a great thing!!! The tune starts out with some nice tribal breakbeats then going into a classic 1992 style string breakdown. Back to the beats it goes with some nice Basement-esk mellow rave keys and then back into the uplifting string section. This is gold, I hope JuJu does more like it.

The flip however is something totally different. Sometimes I get the impression that these DnB artists aren't making the music they 'feel' but rather tunes they 'feel' will make money. Recently there have been alot of 12"s that have A and B sides that are completely different styles. This side is "Magia Negra" and it sounds like something you would expect to hear on Ram Records and I don't like the Ram Records sound. This is a good marketing technique for Juju because both people who like the 1992 sound and the Ram Records sound will buy this 12".

I rate this one: 5/10
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