JuJu - Never Ever / The Streets

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Never Ever
A welcome return to the mighty JuJu as he begins to push the Phuturo label into further recognition to the faithful who have stood alongside their sound for such along time.
'Never Ever' begins with crisp shakers which are beautifully surrounded by some exceptional delayed FX & enchanting synths. The drums are precise & get to work straight away, easily moving across the track with it's jungle rhythms & tribal conga patterns. A quick bit of nattyness & were into a deep undercover bassline which rumbles wildly among the drums & soothing FX. Every inch of the percussion has been crafted with such talent that nothing seems to miss a beat it just flows together instantly & carries you down the river without any falls at all.

Simple but beautiful, crafting the traditional with the obscure this is a wicked little summer time roller.


The Streets
Opting for something a little more varied & 'live' sounding JuJu crafts old acid jazz trumpets alongside 70's funk guitar riffs to create a smokey haze of obscure sounds for your palette. Rising tabala's jitter alongside sharp hi-hats & shakers while that JuJu bass just ozzes from the speakers & errupts the whole of the track into a lazy sway motion for you to smoke your cigarettes to.

Overall: 7/10

Coming On: Phuturo Recordings

JuJu is a producer who in my eyes is still very under-rated but so skilled in everything he touches. Whether it's dancefloor, liquid, jungle, this man knows how to make a track & this release will again back him up on his solid list of productions.

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