Juanito new to here

it's odd to see a familiar name on here.um, no i dont know you. im from another board run out of michigan and happened to listen to Clouseau awhile back and LOVED IT! nice beats grrl!
yee, I'm not a girl. do you still think my beats rock now?:lol:

anyways, take a listen to that link above, i'm fairly happy with that one and hope you'll find it a decent choon, too..

Limix: the synths were done using FM7 in Nuendo, samples were proccessed in SoundForge using various plugs (mainly Waves), sequencing done in a tracker...and the vocal is a friend singing :crazy:
lukas whats up mate how you been! downloading skyline right now and i expect it to be nothing short of spectacular.

me ive got a job and shit, but its all good. Got a few new tunes coming up too as soon as i figure out a way to get them from my studio computer to this one (no cd-r no flashcard no zip drive no modem...)

I found a clouseau remix the other day but i couldnt download it (and then AG went down and all that), would you mind chucking a link my way?

anyways, were still waiting for your 2079-e guestrelease mate, will you spit one for us?
thanks logikz!!! and yep, it's signed (coming out on a CD - 10.000 copies), but not signed for a vinyl release...:(

tell me how's things for you and what new choonage you've got to offer man!
yeah, wicked choon :slayer:

that synthy bass is wicked, right up my street. the vocal does sound quite good too, feelin that.

big ups!
if you want to check a tune maybe sunspill will do the trick. As always my upcoming shit is lightyears better and so forth. My hosting is down right now but ill update the thread asap with the linkage.

im anxious to hear your thoughts on the guestrelease!
Nuendo, I use fm7 myself but in Fruity Loops LoL, i want to use it in Reason but I dont think that would work.... if anyone knows what the best Proggy is for attatching fm7 tell me! or just tell me this "neundo or fruity poop" lol

"currently greuvin 2 rayner-urbtake031-2002-sour\b-rayner-westbank"
:shake: sorry about the confusion juanita,,,,er,,,,yes your beats still rock. psh. is there a download for that track u put up? as i have a crappy slow connection n it wont allow me to play anymore than about 10 seconds of it.
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