[JT PROMO] jungletrain.net Promomix April - by Social


24x7 Drum & Bass Radio
As summer is upon us and it's getting hot and shiny, I felt quite an enjoyment mixing these tracks together and showcase my style of Drum & Bass and my show on jungletrain.net. Unfortunately, I don't run a regular show at jungletrain.net anymore because I'm very busy with other things today. The mix is starting off with some "softer" and "happier" tunes and getting more dancefloor at the end, with a few classic tunes throw in.

I would like to take this time also to bigup the Jungletrain.net crew for the support, and all the Swedish Drum & Bass headz; nice to see more producers from Sweden getting recognition.

The mix can be downloaded at: http://depot.jungletrain.net/jtpromo/43


01 London Elektricity feat. Robert Owens - My Dreams (Hospital)
02 DJ Zinc - Casino Royale (True Playaz)
03 Calibre - Highlander (Signature)
04 High Contrast - Everythings Different (Hospital)
05 Cold Jazz & Wezzler feat. Joey Fever - Serious Things (Rock & Groove forthcoming)
06 Calibre - Deranged (Soul:R)
07 Seba & Paradox - It's All Good (Paradox Music)
08 Deep Blue - Do You Voodoo (Rorshak Remix) (Offshore)
09 Electrosoul System - No One Knows (Subtitles)
10 Marcus Intalex - Paranoid (Revolve:R)
11 TeeBee - Tsunami (Subtitles)
12 Commix - Electric (Metalheadz)
13 Stakka & Skynet - Knight Lore (Underfire)
14 Icicle - Magnetism (Fokuz)
15 Klute - We're All Dying (Soul:R)
16 Macc - Proper Trouble (Outsider)
17 Wezzler - Frost (Xposure)
18 Amit - Immortal (Commercial Suicide)
19 Optical - The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) (Metro)
20 Subfocus - Druggy (Ram Records)
21 Adam F - Circles (Section 5)