JRude - Octobro - [NRG1709]



Junglist! We’re proud to present:
JRude (Canada), the monster prolific producer finally delivers his debut release in Young NRG Productions. Distributed by Jamvana

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JRude is a southern Ontario-based DJ/producer who has been around jungle and drum and bass for 20 years. He familiarized himself to turntable DJing in 1996 and produced his first track in 1998. JRude draws inspiration from reggae, hip hop, jazz, jungle and drum and bass; his passion is to create music for others to enjoy with the intention of eliciting a similar feeling in others as he experiences from music. In the studio JRude pushes the boundaries of any specific genre he is working with, while maintaining respect for and integrity of the fundamentals of each type of music he works with.
Being humble with his talent, JRude has spent years tuning (npi :P)his skills in order to produce music that people naturally gravitate towards. Catch JRude's debut release on Young NRG Productions.
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