JRG-June 2010 mix!!


Eat, Sleep and Breakbeats
Ez peeps

Too much good music in my box right now so hopefully gonna try and do a few mixes for you guys.. reppin all styles across the board.. Liquid, Jump up, Tech, Deep, Dark and very dirty in places.. also gonna be some drum step in there for good measure..
Anyways I had a little mix the other day with 20 of the Biggest tracks from my box!!! something for everyone in here trust me...
New mix for your ear drums!!

1/Hoax-Utopia (G13 Dub)
2/Crystal Clear & Zen-Gang realted (Cold Blooded dub)
3/Crissy Criss-Kick Snare VIP (Technique)
4/Jayline-Step (Big Bad & Heavy Dub)
5/Mattix & Furtile-Substance (Dub)
6/Hiest & Sensai-Interrogate (Calypso)
7/Tantrum Desire-Mr Brooks (Technique)
8/SubZero-Ooh Baby (Ganga)
9/S.P.Y-Xenomorph (Metalheads)
10/Mattix & Futile-Corkscrew (Dub)
11/Crystal Clear-Contact (Cold Blooded Dub)
12/Steppa & Kitcha-Belly (Calypso)
13/Sigma-Paint it Black VIP (Hospital)
14/Xample-Lowdown VIP (Ram)
15/Dub Native-Party Feat Erin Rose JRG Remix (Dub)
16/Netsky Feat Darrison-Escape (Hospital)
17/Mattix & Futile-Believe (Dub)
18/Jayline & Brockout-With me Brokcout VIP (Dub)
19/Prolix-40 Channels of Funk (Virus)
20/S.P.Y-Favela (Metal Heads)