Josh Wink - Essential Mix 24/01/2009


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Jul 3, 2005
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Josh Wink - Essential Mix 24/01/2009

1) JPLS 'Combination' (MNus)
1.1) Wink 'Are You There (Acapella)' (Ovum Recordings)
2) Rhythm & Sound W/ Tikiman 'Ruff (Afefe Iku Remix)' (White Label)
2.5) Josh Wink 'Counter Clock 319' (Ovum Recordings)
3) Echoplex Presents 'Microplex' (Sinewave)
3.5) Winx 'Don't Laugh' (Nervous Records)
4) Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander 'XYZ' (Drumpoet Community)
5) Taho 'Shambhalla (Wink Interpretation)' (Ovum Recordings)
6) Kink & Neville 'Blueprint' (Hour House)
7) Thom Yorke 'The Eraser (Wink Interpretation)' (XL/CDR)
8 ) Laven & MSO 'Reach' (Klang Elektronik)
9) DJ Minx 'A Walk In The Park (Wink Interpretation)' (MMus)
10) D'Julz 'Just So You Know (2000 & One Remix)' (Ovum Recordings)
11) Josh Wink 'Everybody To The Sun' (Ovum Recordings)
12) Gregor Thresher '95 Days' (Ovum Recordings/CDR)
13) Alexkid 'Mocco Version 1' (Cadenza/CDR)
14) Kelvin K 'My Pal' (Hudd Traxxx)
15) Crom And Doobie 'Parklife (Mirco Violi & Sercan Remix)' (OFF)
16) Kerri Chandler 'ESC' (Deeply Rooted House)
17) DJ Sneak 'All Over My Face 2008' (Downtown 161)
18) Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts 'I Was On My Way To Hell' (Circus Company)
19) Peter Van Hoesen 'Casual Care (Original)' (Time To Express)
19.5) Wink 'Freak' (Ovum Recordings)
20) Pigon 'Kamm'(Beatstreet)
21) Martyn 'Vancouver' (3024)
22) Portishead 'Magic Doors (Noise Floor Crew Remix)' (CDR)
23) Shed ' The Lower Upside Down' (Ostgut Ton)

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