Jonny Sequence - Caution

Hey folks,
I dont post often here, i participated in a production competition earlier last year, i guess it doesnt matter much anyway.
Just recorded a pretty dandy dnb mix yesterday. Lots of new great bass in here. Thought the folks at the forum will be able to enjoy this phat shit.
Everthing is done on serato vinyl.

Direct D/l -

Soundcloud -

S.P.Y. - Go With The Flow
Audio - Fourth Kind
Audio- The Abyss
Survival Ft. Christina Nicola - Hand It Over
Gridlok - Steady
Gremlinz , Anile - Stand Alone
Jade, Black Sun Empire - Deadhouse
Black Sun Empire, D.kay - Bullet In The Head
Dose - Control Me
Gridlok, Mayhem - Meant 2 Be
Gridlok- Short Term Memory
Black Sun Empire, EyeD - Brainfreeze
Nymfo, Black Sun Empire - Kempi
Culture Shock - Cathedral
Hive - Blackout
Ed Rush& Optical - Chubrub
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Can you Feel it
Giocator - Crime Scene
Mind Vortex - Onslaught
Audio - Nightbreed
Noisia - Deception
Loadstar - Rapidas
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