Jonny L - Dirt/Trouble - Pirahna


Apr 14, 2002
After a lengthy break from the drum and bass scene spent mostly partaking in threesomes with various members of the Spice Girls and Another Level (say no more) Jonny L returns with a storming double A side of two eagerly anticipated tracks on his own Piranha imprint.

Side A as the title suggests is pure Dirt. Stepping breaks accompanied by etheral and sinister effects lead the way for a Locust esque punishing bassline that reeks of pure filth from here til the run out grooves the track doesn't alter much save the odd descrepency in the bassline. Sure to be heard in sets of those of a grittier persuasion.

On Side B Jonny L takes us on an entirely different flex with the upbeat sounds of Trouble. Breaks n beeps are the name of the day for this intro accompanied by small snippets of female vocal that tease us as we await the lead vocal. "Ah, bring in the beat, bring in the bass, bring in the trouble". This tune is unashamedly jump up and I absolutely love it. Sure to do some serious damage on dancefloors all over.

All in all an excellent twelve quality floor material on both sides although nothing amazingly innovative, still wins my dollar though, welcome back lad...

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