jonl - Jupiter


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Oct 25, 2009
wow, nice break... great laidback feel to it, i like the roll of the hats/cymbals... very nice... makes me think of photek kinda stuff :) i really think the intro could do with maybe a deeper pad to come in half way thru just to give it a bit more progression or something i dunno.. great tune anyway mate

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Mar 24, 2002
Halfway between the gutter and stars
Hello. You should get into the community here, we're a nice lot I promise. You'd also get a lot more feedback if you show that you're not here just for a one-sided interaction, dropping tunes and expecting feedback. Give and receive you know.

Anyway, the tune is cool, although a little static, would need some changeups in it. Good quality production, sounds good, like oldschool Good Looking material.

dar kist

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Jun 7, 2007
Palmerston North
yea bro like kama siad, share and cheer alike bro, nice tune man, look into layering your own kicks and snares over the breaks,(if you havent all ready) nice pads love the atmosphere you got going on, very chilled


Oct 21, 2010
Thanks guys

You are right about contributing more, probably the best feedback in this thread. I have listened to some tracks by various guys here, but I'll make sure to post feedback. Life is hektik sometimes, but i guess i post on so many forums it's not really an excuse.

Cheers for being interested
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