jonl - Distant Galaxies


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Aug 3, 2009
Very nice Jon, Intro is sounding good, cymbols very nice, if it was me i'd probably think about adding in a couple of of single hits in the the intro, weather it be precussion or from a synth i dunno.

the break does it for me, very nice.

the bass is sounding nice don't get me wrong but i think a more rolling bassline would sit tighter.

It might just be down to prefrence but it kinda felt like i was waiting for a drop that never came, i think you could spice it up a bit.

don't get me wrong, i sound a bit negitive maybe...the track is sounding sweeet!
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Oct 20, 2009
Another swell, fresh, chilly tune. Nice one! I agree with elmaruk on that something might be missing though. Maybe give it a bit edge by adding a fat drop, usually works well with these kinda tunes too.
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