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Someone told me this joke at work the other day, I thought it was a rinse out :slayer:

paddy and mick go to amsterdam
they are both about 35
mick tells paddy that he's a virgin
so paddy says ok, i'll take you to a whore house and get that sorted
so paddy takes mick to a whore house to solve his problem
paddy says to the main chief mega whore, this is mick, he's never been with a woman before, can you sort him out?
the woman says, yes, come through to this room
she then says, u see that price list on the wall, pick one of those
mick says ok, hmmm
after thinking about it, he decides on a 69
so the woman says ok, i'll send a girl in
few minutes later, a sexy young girl comes in, and mick says, so we are doing a 69
the girl says yes, now lie down on the bed and take all your clothes off
mick takes his clothes off and waits
she gets in the 69 position
and lets one go
mick says STOP IT STOP IT
i cant handle another 68 of those!!
Boooooooooooo :D :D


Digital Future
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Heh, I got a pretty nasty joke, but dont know whether to tell it on here - dont wanna be offending the ladies!!! If you dont mind dark jokes, reply here and I'll post it up in a bit!!!


Digital Future
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Heres a little warm-up one:

Q: Whats the difference between fridges and a woman???

A: Fridges dont fart when you pull meat out of em!!! :oops: