JOHN ROLODEX / AMENIZM - Machinist 001 Out March 11

Machinist Music

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Mar 7, 2011

After a few moments of quiet, Canada's John Rolodex returns to present his acclaimed Machinist Music imprint.

Offering a bold combination of straight-ahead dancefloor steppers, and challenging breakbeat smashers, Machinist Music has been established to navigate the realm between the techstep & hardstep of dnb’s '95-'02 platinum era and the dnb of tomorrow.

Machinist Music 001 offers a wide array of music supported by and even wider range of Djs including Goldie, Bailey, Pendulum, Teebee, Nicky Blackmarket, Vapour, Raiden, Outrage, Mutt, Gremlinz & Bizzy B to name a few.

Distributed worldwide by Keynote Music Management UK.

Machinist Music 001 12" Vinyl and digital EP - Official release date: MARCH 11, 2011

MACH001 12” vinyl
A. John Rolodex – ‘Connector’
AA. John Rolodex – ‘Box of Snakes’

MACHD001 digital
1. John Rolodex – ‘Connector
2. John Rolodex – ‘Box of Snakes’
3. John Rolodex – ‘Keep on Truckin’’
4. Amenizm – ‘Behind The Mirror’
BONUS TRACK – Amenizm feat. John Rolodex – ‘Amenizm pt. 2’

John Rolodex – ‘Connector'
Catchy steppin' business with classic a reese bassline and punchy minimal breaks. ‘Connector’ is rounded out with a repetitive vocal snip and peppered with twisted bass bits. Set to damage all dancefloors it touches and stand out in any set.
John Rolodex – ‘Box of Snakes’
Heavyweight warehouse hardstep with deep brooding atmospherics on this classic no-u-turn influenced monster. Dropping with rolling 808 subs, ‘Box of Snakes’ launches a sneak-attack with a grimy reese appearing suddenly. The second drop takes you further with classic break fills and a hoover fill to round out the vibe.

John Rolodex – ‘Keep on Truckin’’
Conga-infused breakbeats roll through the night on this reesey tearout affair from Canada’s master of darkness. This lashing roll-out is punctuated with a kick you feel in your chest and one of the dirtiest reese basslines around. A nasty piece of business to be sure. One for the soldiers.

Amenizm – ‘Behind The Mirror’
Classic breakbeats chopped together masterfully, reminiscent of Source Direct and Photek’s darker material. Each section of the tune tells its own story with a different set of breaks and fills. True to the moniker, the last section is a challenging amen affair. This deep breakbeat showcase begs the question ‘what’s behind the mirror?’

Amenizm feat. John Rolodex – ‘Amenizm pt. 2’
This classic breakbeat workout will be available as a bonus for people who purchase all four tracks of the digital release. ‘Amenizm Pt. 1’ is now legendary among the choppage crew. This version continues where pt. 1 one left off. Supported by many of the top figures in dnb from Bailey to Pendulum.

Watch for Machinist 002 featuring John Rolodex and Rene LaVice dropping very soon!


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double safety
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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz
i was just listening to the knowledge mix john did today and thought to myself it'd be nice if some of these tunes saw the light of the day

Machinist Music

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Mar 7, 2011
Evidently, despite triple confirmation, I was misinformed.

The vinyl should be available Monday or Tuesday (March 14th or 15th) and the mp3 release will follow shortly after.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Many thanks for the support!


Some big tunes coming, connector is massive

Big up!
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