Drum & Bass John Miszt - Closer (Supremes VIP Bootleg) - free download, happy summer!


Are you looking for a critique on this? It's got a great vibe, but right away it begins really abruptly; the intro feels more like the song proper—maybe fade it in volume wise? I like the vocal, it comes through clearly. There's room in the frequency spectrum to add a counter point voice, or something else to accompany the vocals.

One thing I was confused: there are two separate signers? The lyric placement seems a bit random, and could maybe use a more deliberate/tighter call-response than what is there already.

The drums are good, and keep things moving smoothly.

I'm liking the breakdown; some of this should have been going on in the intro. :)

The part after about 4:30 or so doesn't seem to add to the song, at least not for me personally. It wouldn't be bad to fade the track out form 4:30 to an ending at 5:00. But that's just my own taste, of course.

Very clean production/mixing. I think a few things could be changed, but it's a good work.


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thats for the feedback :) there are 4 singers, its the Supremes including Diana Ross, and a male singer, I dont know who that is tho, and i've only really used the solo parts

the call response issues you are refering to, is that in the first section? I removed allot of vocals from that section, mainly the male, because I felt it was taking away from the bass and drums....I'll have a play with it, I suspect you are right, and that my first instinct to include more vocal was correct...I'll have a play with it at some point before i get it cut

There are no other vocal recordings to add unfortunetly, recording was several decades ago, the harmonies later in the original recording just dont fit the style at all - my favorite bit is the monotone(ish) talking-song thats over the second half, I prefer that to the more 'singing' parts