Bass John Miszt - BPM Error (filthy electro tech)

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Nice solid intro.....I know the drops gonna be heavy before I even get to it! Yep! There it is lol! Although it does sound quite heavy in the low mids? Maybe some subtle high mid boosting may be required? I're the EQ master so who am I to suggest ideas lol ;)


Burns Easily in the Sun
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Oct 19, 2011
Washington DC
I'm loving that stabby synth that starts at about 1:30, definitely a "hands in the air" type groove.

I like it man. The movement with the drums is nice and upbeat. Most of all, I like how there is always a new, unique element popping up (or disappearing) at the end of every measure. Most tech styles puts me to sleep because the lack of new sounds kills the momentum for me personally. This is proper.

My only critique is that the pitch bending bass sound around 2:21/2:22 seems to overpower the mix a bit when it hits–however, I love the sound and think it adds nice character.

And since it's a John Miszt tune, the mixing is tits.

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