John B - Dream on (beta promo)


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Jan 30, 2002
There's been a lot of negative banter about this one but I quite like it.
Very cheesy and trancey and even uses what sounds like a 4/4 beat but what does it for me is that he still goes for a proper bassline unlike some of the electro style stuff which just has too many very basic sounds rather than a mix of sounds. You got very basic synths, some vocals, a nice gritty bass and some light beasts, which is a nice blend of sounds. The drop works amazing in the clubns too and there were hands in the air when I spun this tracks a few weeks back.

The B side "rendezvous" kinda sounds like a kraftwerk tune on the wrong speed. John B is clearly having teething troubles with his electro style because it just sounds a little too fast for what he's doing rather than sitting nicely at the correct speed. The vocals are very cheesy but that's electro for you. I like 80s electro but i'm not sure how well this will work alongside some hard as nails dnb.
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