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    This is the tale of Jack, a sleuth, obsessed with a case that hits close to home. As he gets closer than ever to solving the case, things take a turn for the worse, but Jack learns a new understanding of existence.

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    Tracklist (will clean up in a day or two)

    pt 1-On the Case

    1. K: Nightstlker (rap by JoeAve)
    2. Dune: Lonestar
    3. Tearing Jazz:
    4. oooOOOOOOwow
    5. Nolige: Hunted

    pt 2-crossing over

    6. Obsessions: Bullet in the head
    7. Noisia & Teebee: Moon Palace

    pt 3-Alone

    8. Break: Natural Progression
    9. Incedent and Subz: I Feel Love
    10. Spectrasoul: ALIBI
    11. Calibre: Out the Box
    12. Netsky: Starlight
    13. Q Project: Spectrum
    14. Calibre: Movin
    15. (BJORK)

    pt 4-Free Flying

    16. Verse: Sleepless
    17. Contour vs Stunna: never love
    18. Fourward: Red Rain Drops
    19. Cause for Concern: World Unknown
    20. CLS: Their Names Were Trot and Melon
    21. London Elektricity: The Great Drum & Bass Swindle

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    JoeAve (Willis)