Jocelyn Dee_Secret Agent Style Part 1


Sep 15, 2007
The United States of Lies
Didnt find a post on this mixx, believe it deserves a listen from some of the heads on here..listened to this first couple years her style..anyways big ups to the Toronto Scene..loven it out there.

Tracklist: Secret Agent Style. Part 1 - mixed by Jocelyn Dee ----Early 2006 mixx of hers..

1. Rising/Artificial Intelligence feat. Jenna G/Bingo/2005
2. Dub Rock/Alix Perez/Horizons Music/2006
3. Changes/T. Amaning, J.C Gehelen & A. Kaspers/Phukfiction/2005
4. Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)/London Elektricity/Hospital/2003
5. What a Night/Sardi feat. Kristie/Renegade/2005
6. Vibra Theme/Mathematics + Tactile/Social Studies/2006
7. At the Drive In/Baron/Breakbeat Kaos/2006
8. Move Y'all/D.Kay/Bingo/2005
9. Dee Pee (DJ Marky + XRS Remix)/Total Science/Battle Mix/2006
10. Turn Down the Lights/Benny Page + Marcus Visionary/Digital Soundboy/2006
11. Chase the Devil/Unknown vs. Max Romeo/Jacked/2006
12. Flim/DJ Zinc feat. Slarta Jon/Bingo/2004
13. Crowd Says Reload/Potential Bad Boy/Ganja/2004
14. Herbsmok (TC Remix)/Aries/Co Lab/2006
15. It's a Pity/???/Dub Rock/2006
16. Sounds of Freedom/Digital/C.I.A./2002
17. No Letting Go/TIWL/Jungle Relicks #1
18. Everyday (Insrumental mix)Shy Fx + T Power feat. Top Cat/Digital Soundboy/2006*tease*
19. Steal My Heart/Drumsound + Bassline Smith feat. Youngman/Liqweed Ganja/2006
20. Late Night Squeeze/St. Cal feat. Alison Crockett/Signature/2006
21. Homeworld/Noisia + Phace/Citrus/2006
22.Terrorist/Ray Keith/Dread/1994
23. Leaving Plant Earth/Talisman + Hudson/Global Underground/2006
24. The Specialist/Drumatic/Phunkfiction/2006
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