Label Joakium - En Attendant EP [AMBRA007]


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Brand new EP from Ambra Records! For already their 7th instalment they present Marseille based producer Joakuim who gets down to business and delivers an excellent release in the form of the 'En Attendant EP'.

En Attendant The title track builds up beautifully; a dreamy soundscape with echoing clicks and cuts works its way up to an outburst of bliss and melancholy with a well balanced drumline to go with it. Add the breaks and listen to the track unfolding itself to you, an essential slice of deepness right here.

Relax The second track 'Relax' truly lives up to its name with a jazz infected chord progression being the distinguishing element. Reverberating vocal snippets combined with the solid round bass give a great insight on what this talented producer is capable of, definitely a great closer to this EP.

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The release is forthcoming exclusively on Juno on 28 January, 2013!